About Avail

Avail is a social fashion app that offers exciting rising, small and independent fashion brands who are yet to be discovered. We’ve done the job for you! Furthermore, we allow a new way of shopping: by letting our community curate their own selection of items, which they choose from the brands we select, Avail becomes an inspiring community where fashion-lovers could purchase the ‘styles’ selected by those who inspire them.

Happy to show you the way! 

For Apple users, download the app here.

For Android users, download the app here.

Yes, please reserve us a spot on your phone. The web version is a read-only version so to get the full experience, you have to download the app and we promise you won’t regret it!

For Apple users, download the app here.
For Android users, download the app here.

Using Avail is very simple. You can simply join the community by downloading the app and creating a profile. Thus you 

DISCOVER: There are multiple ways to discover all the amazing items we offer on Avail. Browse through the featured items on the homepage or look for specific products, brands or curators via the search function. Start following your favourite curators to get updates on the items they love. 

INSPIRE: Start loving the items that steal your heart away and represent your style best. Via the create button, you’ll have the option to create sets (looks). Share your sets on and outside Avail (on your Instagram story) to inspire a following. 

SHOP: Avail doesn’t have an internal checkout (yet). But we have provided a link on every product detail page to guide you through the brand’s website where you can easily buy the product. 

Avail doesn’t contain avocado toasts and sunsets, it’s a curation of independent fashion brands only that we have curated for you. On Avail you can curate shoppable styles that you love, these will be featured on your profile page. Everyone interested in shopping your curation can start following you to receive your latest actions on Avail.

Shopping via Avail

Avail is an aggregator platform. Your journey starts on Avail. Curate all your favourite fashion items, create sets to see how you can style them and if you eventually want to purchase a product, click on the link below the product that will guide you through the product on the brand’s website.

As you are buying directly from the brands, the brand itself will ship the order. We advise you to take a good look at the shipping conditions of the brand you are buying from so you are aware of any shipping fees or terms that may be involved. 

On the homepage at the left top you’ll find a hamburger menu (yes, that’s how tech people like us call it, don’t eat it!) when you click on it you’ll find the option to change the currency. We currently support three different currencies: euros, pounds and danish krones.

About our brands

We offer a platform to the brands that often do not qualify to be part of other large online shops, thereby filling a clear gap in the niche market. The team subjects its selection to their various core values ​​that stand for “value-driven” brands, values ​​from seasonless to unisex. Each brand on Avail represents at least one of these values. We currently offer more than 170 new brands on our app. All independent brands with locally rooted culture and a unique design.

We are always on the lookout for new brands, please fill in the form and apply to become an Avail brand. Brand requests are usually handled within 10 working days. 

About curators

Becoming a curator is very easy. By downloading the app and completing your profile, you can start right away. You can inspire others by saving the items you love on your profile or by creating sets showing how to style a specific item. On your turn, you can follow the curators that inspire you and get updates on the items they have found and loved. Use the share button to share your profile or creations on Instagram.

A curator is a member of our Avail community who actively curates products and inspires others by doing so.

A verified user curator has the ability to upload own looks (pictures) and tag relevant items. We have confirmed that this curator has looks available on Avail and is therefore able to upload those.

Uploading looks with tagged items is currently a feature that’s only available for verified curators. Do you have a look containing products that are featured on Avail? Please send an email to [email protected].

Your account

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Go to your profile, click “edit profile”.

To change your password, please go to the homepage and click on the ‘hamburger’ menu on the top left corner. There you’ll find the possibility to log out. Once you are logged out, please click ‘forgot password’ to reset your password.

Not yet, please send an email to [email protected] so we can help you with that.

Please and an email to [email protected] to request your profile removal. 

It’s like a moodboard that allows you to upload and layer your favourite items to create your own unique looks. You can save and share them afterwards.

Step 1: Click on the create (+) button within the app (you need to download the app in order to create sets)
Step 2: If you haven’t favourite any items, please do so first. You can only create sets with items you have loved first.
Step 3: The items you love will appear once you click the plus button. Select an item you’d like to add. You can compress an image by using your two fingers (without lifting).
Step 4: Repeat as from step 3 to add more items
Step 5: Save your set by clicking on the save button
Step 6: Name your set 

Unfortunately you can’t for now but let’s just create another one? 

After creating a set you can save it by clicking on the save button on the left top. Your set will appear on your profile page under ‘sets’. 

Yes, in the right corner you can click on the ‘share’ button and select ‘share image’ option. Your phone will give you the opportunity to save the image. 

You can like a set or a look of someone else. It will then appear on your profile page under ‘loved items’. You can also share any set you like on your own social channels. 

Absolutely, we are happy you ask! Please click the share button on the right top corner of the set page.

Not yet but great suggestion though, we’ll pass that on to our developers. 

By simply clicking the heart button again, the item will disappear from your profile. 

Please check your notification settings on your phone. You can either switch them on or off. 

Go the Avail homepage on the app, on the left top you will find a menu including ‘settings’, please click forget password. You’ll receive an email shortly with the instructions to do so.

We recommend resetting your password (instructions above). If this doesn’t work please contact [email protected]

Privacy & Contact

We care about you and your data, and we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. You deserve to know what we collect and what we do with the data you provide to us. More detailed information can be found in our privacy policy on our website, which can be found here.


We are aware of the many threats living on the internet, and we do our utmost to protect and preserve the integrity of your data. We protect your data with proven industry standards and protocols. Should you have any questions or remarks on this, please let us know at [email protected].

If you would like to file a request for removal of your data according to the European data protection law (GDPR), please visit our website here.

For privacy and security related matters, please reach out to [email protected].

For general questions and feedback, please contact [email protected]